Active And Ex Boxers Seeking To Sell Fight Career Related Items

Active And Ex Boxers Seeking To Sell Fight Career Related Items

ChampsUK - specializing in vintage collectibles. Always looking to acquire genuine boxer owned, fight-worn gear, equipment, championship belts, medals and awards.

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After a short amateur career inspired by my fascination of The Greatest Of All Time Muhammad Ali, I took up trading programmes and posters rather than swapping punches. As all boxers will understand the desire to be in the ring never leaves and so I joined an amateur gym where I passed the England ABA Level 1 Coaching Assistant Exam and to this day I still have an avid interest in coaching children between the ages of 6-18.

At ChampsUK we have been collecting boxing memorabilia for over 30 years the website was later developed in 2007.

Although collecting memorabilia has been a huge part of my life my biggest passion is in attending fights there is nothing more thrilling than being in the MGM Grand or Madison Square Garden watching a top event. We have travelled the World over to watch our hero’s which we hope to continue to do for many more years to come.

Over the years ChampsUK have been instrumental in helping to put together boxing collections which have been hosted in private museums. These museums have been visited by boxing legends such as Mike Tyson, Jake LaMotta, Marco Antonio Barrera, Ricky Hatton and many more.

In commemoration of Muhammad Ali’s 65th birthday we were invited to take part in a television interview for Granada Reports (North West) where some of our items were showcased. Along with this television experience we were also invited to showcase items on BBC's Cash In The Attic & Channel 4 series “Four Rooms” although we declined this offer we have since been asked to value boxing items for that particular show.

Most recently we have been approached by auction houses and insurance companies to facilitate appraisals and authenticate boxing related items.

Although we value all our customers and each one of our items of memorabilia is special to us some of our more rarer items have been purchased by elite sporting stars from all over the World and we feel proud that we have provided boxing memorabilia for these customers.

Vinny & Kate ChampsUK