MANCUNIAN Marcus Morrison One Of The Most Exciting Talents In British Boxing SIGNED Action Shot Photo

MANCUNIAN Marcus Morrison One Of The Most Exciting Talents In British Boxing SIGNED Action Shot Photo

MANCUNIAN Marcus Morrison one of the most exciting talents in British boxing SIGNED action shot 8" x 10" photo.

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Marcus Morrison may only be 23 years old, but he’s experienced his fair share of sporting thrills and spills in his life.

Aged 16, he was released from Manchester City Football Club after being deemed “too small.”

It led to him never playing competitive football since that day.

But not only did he have something else in his locker, it was something he had excelled in for years before football had turned his head.

For Morrison’s “quick hands” were noticed by his father aged seven, and a birthday trip to a local gym saw him take to boxing like the proverbial duck to water.

Fast forward to the present day, and Morrison has announced himself as one of the most promising light-middleweight fighters in Britain.

He has 10 knockouts in his 13 fights, his most recent coming within the first two minutes of his last contest.

Speaking exclusively to SunSport, Morrison recounts the day his football dreams came crashing down – something which he says worked out as a “blessing in disguise”.

“They offered me a two year contract when I was 16 at Manchester City, but about two weeks later I was called in with my mum and dad and told I wasn’t going to be kept on,” he said.

“It was just heartbreaking at the time, and why I have never played competitively since.

“Liverpool offered a contract too, but that was it for me as far as football was concerned, I was totally put off.”

Morrison, who was brought up on the same Manchester council estate as former British World champion Ricky Hatton, had been training in the boxing gym three times a week since the age of seven.

And now has the chance to put everything into his dream of being a sports superstar.

“I would have got to the point where I had to decide whether to pick boxing or football, just like Ricky Hatton, so this just made it easier,” added Morrison.

“I know Ricky really well, we grew up on the same estate, and I have trained at his gym. I worked with the same trainer as him and went out to support him in Las Vegas when he fought Floyd Mayweather.

“My earliest memories of him was when he was winning fights, and winning titles, I know him really well and have chatted a lot with him about boxing.”

Morrison, who grew up watching endless videos of his hero Sugar Ray Leonard, is immediately likeable and approachable, and open and honest about his career and upbringing.

But he is also confident, confident in his ability and that it can take him all the way to the top.

"If I thought I would only be domestic or British champion, then I wouldn't be involved in the sport," said Morrison.

"I've got plenty of learning to do, but I believe I can one day win a World title, I wouldn't be in this if I didn't think that was possible."