Angelo Dundee And Bert Sugar DUAL SIGNED Biography Titled MY VIEW FROM THE CORNER

Angelo Dundee And Bert Sugar  DUAL SIGNED Biography Titled MY VIEW FROM THE CORNER

Angelo Dundee and Bert Sugar DUAL SIGNED (inside) biography titled "MY VIEW FROM THE CORNER" (A life in Boxing) 2008 publication hardback copy.

Angelo Dundee has lived a half-century of boxing history. During that period he trained a record breaking 15 World champions and countless top contenders - wiping away their sweat and blood and instilling whatever it took to win.

MY VIEW FROM THE CORNER is his story in his own words.

It is also the story of the legendary ring warriors he helped forge into champions, including all time greats Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, and George Foreman, as well as champs Willie Pastrano and Carmen Basilio.

But you won't just read about prize fighters. Dundee can't tell his tale without including an amazing cast of characters who could only exist in the larger-than-life World of professional boxing. You'll be immersed in stories starring everyone from sportscaster Howard Cosell to artist LeRoy Neiman to mobster Frank Costello.

Bert Sugar is the most recognised and well-known boxing writer in history. The former editor of Ring magazine and Boxing Illustrated and publisher of Fight Game magazine, he has written dozens of books on boxing and is a regular ESPN sports analyst.

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This Philadelphia native learned the intricacies of the sweet science while watching the great trainers ply their trade at Stillman's Gym in New York in the late-1940s.
The first world champion he worked with was Hall-of-Famer Carmen Basilio, who held the welterweight and middleweight crowns. Dundee, along with his brother Chris, a Hall of Fame promoter, eventually relocated to Miami Beach and was the chief trainer at the world-reknowned Fifth Street Gym.

While in Miami, Dundee's career flourished. In 1960, Dundee was hired to train Muhammad Ali and he remained in Ali's corner until his fight with Larry Holmes. Dundee, a quick thinker and master motivator in the corner, helped Ali get through some of his toughest fights.

In addition to Ali, Dundee has trained champions Jimmy Ellis, Luis Rodriguez, Sugar Ramos, Ralph Dupas and Willie Pastrano.

In 1976, Dundee was asked to help shape the career of Sugar Ray Leonard. Again, Dundee was instrumental in building a boxing legend and hall-of-famer. Few boxing fans could ever forget his "Your're blowing it son" pep talk to Leonard just before he knocked out Thomas Hearns to unify the welterweight crown.

The Boxing Writers Association of America named Dundee its Manager of the Year in 1968 and 1979. He was also the recipient of the organizations Long and Meritorious Service Award in 1996.

Most recently, Dundee was in the corner of George Foreman when he knocked out Michael Moorer to win the heavyweight title.

Born June 7, 1937 in Washington, DC, Sugar is one of the most recognizable figures in boxing. With his trademark fedora and cigar, "The Hat" has been a fixture at ringside over the past 30 years. Sugar graduated from the University of Maryland and attended law school at the University of Michigan. After passing the bar in the District of Columbia, he briefly practiced law before relocating to New York City where he excelled in the advertising world, creating the famous "N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestles makes the very best" ad campaign. By the early 1970s, Sugar pursued his passion for boxing and writing and became editor of Boxing Illustrated. From 1979-1983 he served as editor-in-chief of The Ring and in 1998 founded Fight Game magazine. A prolific writer, Sugar has penned over 80 books, including Sting Like a Bee, Inside Boxing, and The 100 Greatest Boxers of All Time. His articles have appeared in noted publications including Sports Illustrated, Sports Business Journal, and The New Yorker. The flamboyant Sugar has also appeared in several motion pictures, including Night and the City and The Great White Hype. In 1990, Sugar was the recipient of the Boxing Writers Association's Nat Fleischer Award for "Excellence in Boxing Journalism."