Ron Redrup Replacement For Randolph Turpin vs Charles Colin Plus Terry Spinks vs Pierre Cossemyns Official Onsite Programme

Ron Redrup Replacement For Randolph Turpin vs Charles Colin Plus Terry Spinks vs Pierre Cossemyns Official Onsite Programme

Ron Redrup (replacement for Randolph Turpin) vs Charles Colin plus Terry Spinks vs Pierre Cossemyns official on-site 24 page programme, 20th May 1958, Earls Court Empress Hall, Kensington, London.

*Ron Redrup met Charles Colin in a light heavyweight bout, Redrup was a late replacement for Randolph Turpin who was not able to fight due to injury. The programme lists Turpin in all of the information inside instead of Redrup.

Redrup W points over 10 rounds
Spinks W points over 8 rounds

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Ron Redrup
Born: 30-05-1935
Nationality: United Kingdom
Death Date: 05-04-2013 / age 77
Debut: 30-04-1957
Division: light heavyweight
Stance: southpaw
Residence: West Ham, London, United Kingdom

W 23 (12 KOs) / L 25 (5 KOs) / Drawn 5

Ron Redrup represented Great Britain in the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia. He was eliminated in the first round of the Middleweight Class (165.5 lbs) by Dieter Wemhoner of the Unified Team of Germany. Redrup was also the 1956 ABA Middleweight champion.

Charles Colin
Born: 07-01-1929
Nationality: France
Debut: 23-09-1951
Division: light heavyweight
Residence: Saint-Nazaire, Loire-Atlantique, France
Birth Place: Saint-Joachim, Loire-Atlantique, France

W 44 (30 KOs) / L 8 (3 KOs) / Drawn 6

Terence ("Terry") George Spinks MBE (born February 28, 1938) from Great Britain, who won the gold medal in the flyweight division (– 51 kg) at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. In the final he defeated Mircea Dobrescu of Romania on points.

He was also British featherweight champion from 1960 to 1961.

He was an apprentice jockey, before finding boxing more lucrative.

Amateur Career
Spinks had 200 amateur fights, and was the 1956 ABA flyweight champion.

Olympic Results
* Defeated Samuel Harris (Pakistan) points
* Defeated Abel Laudonio (Argentina) points
* Defeated Vladimir Stolnikov (Soviet Union) points
* Defeated René Libeer (France) points
* Defeated Mircea Dobrescu (Romania) points

Pro Career
Spinks had 49 professional bouts of which he won 41.

He had his first professional bout in April 1957, against Jim Loughrey, at Harringay Arena, winning on a stoopage for a cut eye.

In September 1960, Spinks fought for the British featherweight title, against the holder Bobby Neill. The fight was at the Royal Albert Hall, and Spinks won the title when the fight was stopped in the seventh due to cuts suffered by Neil.

In November 1960, the two men had a re-match at the Empire Pool, Wembley. Spinks retained his new title by knocking Neill down three times in the fourteenth, with him finally being counted out.

In May 1961, Spinks defended his title for the second time, against the Welshman, Howard Winstone. The fight was at the Empire Pool, and Winstone won by a technical knockout in the tenth round.

After losing his title, Spinks continued fighting, but never challenged for a title again. He had his last fight in December 1962 against Johnny Mantle, winning by a technical knockout in the eighth.

He received the MBE in the 2002 New Years Honours List.

Pierre Cossemyns
Birth Name: Jean Pierre Cossemyns
Born: 21-10-1930
Nationality: Belgium
Death Date: 22-12-2001 / age 71
Debut: 23-09-1951
Division: Featherweight
Residence: Anderlecht, Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium
Birth Place: Ukkel, Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium

W 62 (18 KOs) / L 19 (8 KOs) / Drawn 5

Pierre Cossemyns (born October 21, 1930 in Ukkel, Brussels, December 22, 2001) was a Belgian boxer. He was European bantamweight champion

Pierre Cossemyns, called "Cosse", grew up in the Brussels district of Molenbeek and began there in 1943 with boxing. As an adult, at a height of 1.62 meters, he usually weighed 55kg and struggled in the lightweight classes. As an amateur flyweight and later as a professional bantamweight and rarely featherweight.

Amateur Career
As an amateur Pierre Cossemyns belonged from 1947 to the Belgian elite. In 1948 he represented Belgium in two countries fighting in Ireland. In Dublin he lost on 5th August 1949 in flyweight category against Paddy Kelly on points and on 7th August 1949 he won in Mulligar against P. Nolan on points. In 1951 he was Belgian bantamweight champion and represented his country at the European Championships in Milan. At bantamweight he was defeated in the second round against Jacques Dumesnil from France on points and thus came in 9th place

Profile Career
In mid-1951, Pierre Cossemyns joined the professional ranks. Ploegaerts-Tillière became his manager. His debut on September 23, 1951 in Brussels was a points victory over his compatriot Pierre Baeckelandt. On December 8, 1952, he went to Leeds for a points victory over the Nigerian Hogan Kid Bassey, one of the most colourful figures in boxing.

On January 29, 1953, in Verviers he won a points victory over Jean Kidy Belgian bantamweight champion. This title he defended on April 28, 1953 in Antwerp with a points victory over Alex Bollaert, on December 2, 1953 in Brussels with another points victory over Alex Bollaert and on March 13, 1954 in Brussels he also beat Jean Kidy on points.

In the fall of 1954 Pierre Cossemyns fought several times in Australia. On September 20, 1954, he defeated the Australian bantamweight champion Bobby Sinn on points. That was his 29th fight without defeat in a row in his pro career. The 30th fight he lost on 18 October 1954 in Sydney against the Americans Billy Peacock. Against the same opponent, he lost on November 29, 1954 in Sydney in the Revanchebegegnung on points.

On February 25, 1956, he lost in Liege his Belgian championship title to Jean Renard, who defeated him on points. This title he took back on November 12, 1956 in Brussels with a knockout victory over Alex Bollart.

From 1957 to 1959, Pierre Cossemyns fought a series of fights against boxers from the absolute European top class of his weight class with different results. On May 22, 1957, he lost in Brussels his compatriot Jean Sneyers on points. On March 8, 1958, he had beaten in Dublin to the North Irishman Freddie Gilroy on points. On May 20, 1958, he lost in Kensington against the Englishman Terry Spinks . On February 29, 1959, he lost in Paris against Alphonse Halimi from France by TKO.

On October 10, 1959, he won in Brussels on the starting for France Algerian Cherif Hamia on points. Sneyers, Halimi and Hamia were former or future European champions, Terry Spinks was 1956 flyweight champion and like Freddie Gilroy a Britsh Empire champion.

On 12 May 1960 Pierre Cossemyns defeated in Brussels the Italian bantamweight champion Federico Scarponi on points and on 15 October 1960 he finally got the chance in Brussels for the European title, but at featherweight to box against Gracieux Lamperti from Italy. He lost this fight on points.

After nearly ten years as a professional, he eventually finally reached his goal of becoming European Champion on May 27, 1961. In the fight for vacant bantamweight title of Europe, he beat on May 17, 1961 in Brussels, the Northern Irishman Freddie Gilroy KO and was thus European champion. This title he defended on November 4, 1961 in Cagliari with a points victory over the Sardinian Piero Rollo. In the rematch on April 13, 1962 he was defeated in Brussels against Rollo by KO and thus the title.

On September 28, 1963, he fought in Antwerp in his last fight in which he beat his countryman Jean Claude Loroy on points.

The best World ranking placement he achieved in his career was 3rd place.