BIG BAD Johnny Waldron SIGNED Book Former Southern Area Champion And Unlicensed Fighter Who Famously Twice Beat Lenny McLean Virtue Of 1st Round KO

BIG BAD Johnny Waldron SIGNED Book Former Southern Area Champion And Unlicensed Fighter Who Famously Twice Beat Lenny McLean Virtue Of 1st Round KO

'Big Bad' Johnny Waldron SIGNED (by way of label attached to inside page) autobiography. Former Southern area light heavyweight champion and unlicensed fighter who famously twice encountered Lenny McLean winning both fights by virtue of a knockout in the 1st round.

From his idyllic upbringing in the 1950's, to fighting some of the hardest men in Great Britain, 'Big Bad' Johnny Waldron has never taken the easy route. Born in Sussex in 1951, Johnny, who by the age of twelve, started a hobby that would last for the next twenty years, boxing. Johnny boxed in the ABA's, and for England, but, it was fighting the likes of, British and WBC World Light Heavyweight Champion Dennis Andries as a professional that Johnny would make a name for himself.

Boxing for the renowned trainer Terry Lawless, he fought alongside some of the legendary British fighters of the period, the likes of: John L Gardner, Maurice Hope, Charlie Magri, Jim Watt and Jimmy Batten. Having to retire by the age of twenty nine, due to his boxing license being revoked, it wasn't long before Johnny was making his mark on the unlicensed fighting circuit, even fighting the infamous Lenny McLean on two occasions. Because of his reputation and skill in the boxing ring, Johnny was chosen to spar with Frank Bruno in the 1980's, and in 1991, a forty-year-old Waldron beat the up and coming British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion, Julius Francis in his retirement fight as an unlicensed fighter.

Be it as a pro-boxer or an undefeated unlicensed fighter, Johnny Waldron is respected by all of the fighting community, and along with the likes of Lenny McLean, Roy Shaw and Cliff Field, his name will be firmly cemented in the annals of history for all time.

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Johnny Waldron, born in East Grinstead, Sussex on 12th January 1951 (Boxrec.com lists his date of birth as 11th January 1954), also known as "Big Bad" Johnny Waldron was a light heavyweight based in Great Britain and Germany during the 1970's and early 1980's. After being refused a boxing license by the British Boxing Board of Control, on the grounds of his damaged eye, he turned to unlicensed boxing where he famously twice encountered Lenny McLean, winning both fights by virtue of a Knockout in the first round.

On his website, Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw refers to Johnny Waldron and Cliff Fields as the two boxers he most admires.

In 1991, at the age of 40, Johnny Waldron knocked out then 27 year old Julius Francis, who went on to become the British Heavyweight & Commonwealth Champion.

Interestingly, Johnny Waldron won his first fight due to his opponent receiving a cut eye, then went on to lose his last fight due to receiving a cut eye himself.

Johnny Waldron is one of very few prizefighters to have never been KO'd, in the sense that he always got up again whenever knocked to the ground.

Johnny Waldron is currently self employed and owns JSJ Construction, based in East London.

Unlicensed Fight Record

This record is incomplete.

1991: Julius Francis (exact date not known) - WON KO (exact round not known)

10/04/1983: Kevin Paddock - WON (exact result not known)

Licensed Fight Record

This record contains only "Licensed" bouts, sanctioned by the British Boxing Board of Control.

17/09/1979: Dennis Andries - LOST TKO/ Stopped Fight because of cut eye)

29/05/1979: Greg Evans - WON KO 4th Round

06/02/1979: Shaun Chalcraft - WON PTS 8th Round

21/11/1978: Vernon Scott - WON DQ 3rd Round

21/02/1978: Winston Cousins - WON KO 8th Round

15/11/1977: Francis Hands - DRAW PTS

15/09/1977: Bob Pollard - WON KO 5th Round

31/05/1977: Danny McLoughlin - WON KO 7th Round

14/02/1977: Henry Cooper - WON KO 5th Round

25/01/1977: Bob Pollard - DRAW PTS

13/12/1976: George Lewis - WON KO 6th Round

12/10/1976: Carlton Benoit - WON TKO/RSF 3rd Round (Referee Stopped Fight because of cut eye)