Chantelle WHAM BAM CHAN Cameron Undefeated Professional Lightweight And Former Team GB Member SIGNED Photo

Chantelle WHAM BAM CHAN Cameron Undefeated Professional Lightweight And Former Team GB Member SIGNED Photo

Chantelle "WHAM BAM CHAN" Cameron undefeated professional lightweight and former Team GB member SIGNED 8" x 10" photo.

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Chantelle Cameron - Interview

Q&A With Chantelle Cameron - November 8, 2019

The Northampton super lightweight faces Argentina’s Anahi Ester Sanchez in a WBC final eliminator in London tomorrow.

*Has your career been revived after linking up with trainer Jamie Moore earlier this year?

I’m so much happier. Jamie has helped me get back on my feet. I wish I’d started my career with Jamie now. I saw how happy my stablemates Carl Frampton and Conrad Cummings were with him and that made my mind up for me — I wanted to work with him.

*How did you decide on Jamie?

Me and my dad thought we’d seek out Jamie at a show but it was cancelled! But one of my sponsors put us in touch and we gelled, I’ve never looked back. Jamie was really the only person I wanted to be trained by.

*Had it been a dark period for you?

Very dark. I didn’t know what to do — I was renovating my house and I was just looking for an office job to help pay my bills. But I didn’t know what to say in job interviews, other than, ‘I’m on the British boxing team!’

*Are you beginning to make up for lost time now?

I feel like I lost six months or so but I’m catching up, and Jamie and my management at MTK Global have helped with that. Now I love boxing again and it doesn’t feel like a job. I’m determined to make the most of my career.

*At 28, could you have just walked away?

I didn’t feel I’d achieved what I’d wanted and it was painful to think that could be it. My family thought it was affecting my health so I was considering moving to Australia when Jamie took me on.

*York Hall is sold out tomorrow night. How do you rate Sanchez?

She’s a three-time World champion. It’s a level up for me but I feel confident. If I win, there’s a WBC World title shot on the line, hopefully against Jessica McCaskill. I’m also Katie Taylor’s mandatory challenger but I wonder if she wants to fight me.

*Nicola Adams has retired. Do you look up to her?

We were on the GB team together and I messaged Nicola on Wednesday to say ‘best wishes’ when the news came out. Nicola’s had a massive career — she’s the pride of Britain, isn’t she?