A World United In the Fight AGAINST Covid19

A World United In the Fight AGAINST Covid19

Dear friends

We may not all have been in the ring to face an opponent to determine who is the better athlete, and we may not all have had the determination to win the most prestigious titles in the sport. However, there is one battle we are all fighting against. Unfortunately for all of us the World is faced against a new battle Covid-19 which no amount of training could have prepared us for.

Here at ChampsUK we would like to wish every human being on the planet the strength to fight against this terrible virus and we hope that with prayer and pulling together that this scourge on the earth is overcome.

We are very blessed in the UK to have a wonderful healthcare system who we know are working above and beyond to help get us through this and our thanks doesn’t seem enough but rest assured all our thoughts and gratitude are with you everyday and we hope that you all come through this safe and well.

Stay Well and Stay Safe

Vinny & Kate

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