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Our journey following Floyd began in the late 1990’s when he moved to Las Vegas after his Olympic bronze medal winning performance in Atlanta.

Within a remote part of Downtown Las Vegas stood the Golden Gloves boxing gym (no longer open) after watching Mike Tyson train for his first fight with Frank Bruno, and upon asking Iron Mike for an autograph I was approached by an enthusiastic handsome young fighter who told me I should consider having his signature because one day he vowed he would be a World Champion! The young stalwart in question happened to be Floyd Mayweather Jr and so our journey began.

I would like to share a memorable occasion when the enigma that is Floyd Joy Mayweather, whilst I was watching Hasim Raham train at the Top Rank gym to thunderous beats jamming from his master-blaster preparing for his forthcoming contest which he went on to take the heavyweight title from Lennox Lewis. The brash, cocky strutting Pretty Boy as he was then known entered the gym and promptly changed the bellowing music with his own favoured R & B tunes and then proceeded to tell the fighters trainer what they were doing wrong and entered the ring and corrected their numerous mistakes!

From there our friendship grew and the bond became stronger and I have had the privilege along with my wife Kate to have shared some wonderful experiences with the man now known as “Money”.

Hundreds of hours have been spent watching this maverick train, morning, noon and night; we have also been chauffeured back to our hotel in one of the nine Rolls Royce’s offered at our disposal, after an evening dining with Floyd at his palatial residence. We have also been blessed to watch this master of the ring at work from ringside seats.

And still today with the same energy, exuberance and excitement he has displayed throughout his career Money Mayweather has hit the UK with his Victory Tour extending the same hospitality has he has always shown to us. Floyd and his team invited us to share his experience at the Bolton event where once again we shared tea with him and listened to his shopping experiences on his European trips which have been intermingled with the UK whistle stop visit. Floyd is a legend, a gentleman and a kind and sincere person and we feel blessed to be a part of his life as he is of ours. Whatever the future may bring we know in our hearts that Floyd as he has often said will accept us as not only a friend but as part of his family. Floyd’s legacy has been well and truly cemented in the archives of boxing history.

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