About Us and Our SALE

About Us and Our SALE

You may have noticed that since August we have run a half-price sale which has been incredibly well received.

After collecting boxing memorabilia for the last 30 plus years and after recently celebrating the 12th anniversary of ChampsUK we have decided to ring the final bell and down-size our collection.

The decision was not easy and has been the subject of discussions for over 3 years. Since Kate’s retirement from the NHS we have talked about moving to the countryside to lead a more rural lifestyle something which we both enjoy. When the Corona Virus struck in 2019, it reminded us that life is short, and life is for living out your dreams and one thing for sure is that a long life is not a guarantee.

Our love for boxing will always be there and we will continue to attend Manchester Ex-Boxers meetings and functions along with attending fights both locally and overseas only this time we won’t be seen with a ‘sharpie’ in hand & merchandise in tow, and hopefully we will still see some of you there and have more time to socialise rather than chase off for the opportunity of gaining that elusive autograph!!!!!

We head for pastures new in October and will endeavour to continue our devoted service of supplying items, some of which may also head to reputable auction houses. The half price sale will continue for a short term period.

***If anybody would like to take the opportunity in purchasing all content or larger consignments, I am open to any reasonable offers***


Vinny & Kate

We are heading to a very remote part of the UK with a small population of 300 residents, low and behold I have recently been informed the village has a young decorated amateur boxer who is looking to turn professional. NO ESCAPE !!!!!

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