Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston I Original Wire Photograph

Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston I Original Wire Photograph

Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston I original wire photograph. This rare and wonderful black & white image shows "The Greatest" in a jubilant pose after beating Sonny Liston to become World Heavyweight Champion. Measuring 11 1/4" x 8 1/2".

Condition excellent

Photo scripted "Miami Beach Florida, Feb. 25th - Cassius Clay raises both hands as handlers enter the ring after he was declared World Heavyweight Champion in Miami Beach, Tuesday night. Clay stopped champion Sonny Liston after six rounds. 1964."

Clay W - Liston Rtd round 7

The fight began with Clay showing a lot of movement, using his fast and effective jab and quick flurries of combinations, making it difficult for Liston to score with his slower jab and heavy punches. In the third round, Clay opened up his attack and hit Liston with several combinations that caused a bruise under Liston's right eye and a cut under his left. During the fourth round, Clay coasted, keeping his distance. However, when he returned to his corner, he started complaining that there was something burning in his eyes and that he could not see.

It has been theorized that a substance used to stop Liston's cuts from bleeding (possibly Monsel's Solution) may have caused the irritation, but this has never been confirmed. (Liston supporters believe that Clay's own corner, without his knowledge, introduced the substance as a non-loss way out of the fight if it became necessary.) In any case, Angelo Dundee rinsed Clay's eyes with a sponge and pushed him off his stool to begin the fifth round, telling him to stay away from Liston.

Clay managed to survive the fifth round and by the sixth had resumed control of the fight. During the sixth, Clay landed several effective combinations, seemingly at will. On his stool following the sixth round, Liston told his cornermen that he couldn't continue, complaining of a shoulder injury. He failed to answer the bell for the seventh round and Clay was declared the winner by technical knockout. Sensing that he had made history, Clay sprang to the center of the ring, did a victory jig and then quickly ran to the ropes to remind sportswriters that he had told them so, since many of them had written that Clay had no chance of beating the once-feared Sonny Liston. In a scene that has been rebroadcast countless times over the ensuing four decades, Clay yelled "I'm the greatest" and "I shook up the World!"

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Cassius Clay "I shook Up The World" After Beating Sonny Liston

Muhammad Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky. 17th January 1942. Ali said he was “The Greatest” and to most he was. He was the first man in history to win the Heavyweight championship 3 times. In 1964 he demolished Liston to become Heavyweight champion and in the return fight, knocked out Liston in the first round. He was stripped of the title in 1967 for refusing to join the U.S Army.

Following the first defeat of his career to Joe Frazier he regained his title with an incredible win over Foreman in Zaire. He defended his title 10 times before losing it to Leon Spinks whom he outpointed in the return match winning the title for the historic third time. It was arguably the greatest heavyweight boxing career of all time.