ALI The Movie Vintage Original Cinema Poster Starring Will Smith

ALI The Movie Vintage Original Cinema Poster Starring Will Smith

ALI "The Movie" vintage original cinema poster starring Will Smith as The Greatest, measuring 40" x 30"

Condition excellent

A 2001 production directed by Michael Mann and nominted for 2 Academy Awards, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.

An epic movie about the best loved, sometimes reviled and most controversial international sports hero of all time. A man whose wit and athletic genius, defiant rage and inner grace mirrored one of the most turbulent times in 20th Century America.

Price: £55

Muhammad Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky. 17th January 1942. Ali said he was “The Greatest” and to most he was. He was the first man in history to win the Heavyweight championship 3 times. In 1964 he demolished Liston to become Heavyweight champion and in the return fight, knocked out Liston in the first round. He was stripped of the title in 1967 for refusing to join the U.S Army. Following the first defeat of his career to Joe Frazier he regained his title with an incredible win over Foreman in Zaire. He defended his title 10 times before losing it to Leon Spinks whom he outpointed in the return match winning the title for the historic third time. It was arguably the greatest heavyweight boxing career of all time