To Inspire The Future By Way of The Past

Dear boxing fans

After a short amateur career inspired by my fascination of The Greatest of all time Muhammad Ali, I took up trading programmes and posters rather than swapping punches some 30 years ago.

This unique hobby of collecting Muhammad Ali and boxing memorabilia, with the help and support of my wife Kate has been a huge part of my life, dedicated to the courageous efforts of every individual Boxer who has laced on the gloves for our entertainment and pleasure.

Muhammad Ali through his courage and spirit has always been my inspiration. Ali has that magic that draws people of all ages and races. I have had the privilege and honour to have met The Greatest; it was the most exhilarating, priceless experience of my life.

I have been fortunate enough to have met many "Ring Legends" and been in attendance at many of the great fights. Over the years I have acquired numerous unusual and interesting artefacts, resulting in a collection, which is a tribute to these immortals and to the history of Boxing

I do hope they are admired and appreciated as I have enjoyed collecting them. I am realistic to know that each item has a value therefore; anybody wishing to make a purchase will be issued with a Certificate of Authenticity and a lifetime guarantee.

Keep punching or collecting – whichever the case maybe!!!



10 Years Down The Line

Our foundation is based on enthusiasm, passion and a desire for others to succeed. We get great pleasure hearing of individuals achieving their goals no matter how small against adversities. Our strengths are self-belief and a fondness of engaging and interacting with all walks of life whatever gender, religion, faith, creed or skin colour.

Our work employment history for many years proudly consists of market trading (not the stock exchange!!!) working in factory and warehouses within our industrial, blue collar and sporting city of Manchester.

After 40 years of following and participating in boxing, both inside and outside of the ring, we have seized the opportunity to expand on our memorabilia website to incorporate ChampsUK endorsed range of apparel and merchandise.

After visiting and coaching at gyms across the US and locally in the UK it has become apparent that one of the most important things for enthusiastic  participants and aspiring future champions is to look and feel good and most of all feel comfortable and confident during training sessions.

We endeavour for our ChampsUK gym wear to symbolise and encourage healthy lifestyles and most importantly participation and fun. Our casual and leisure wear range also offers the optimum feeling of comfort being refreshed and revitalised for the rigors and challenges of every day working life.

We are totally committed and thoroughly understand the importance of our customers hard earned money being given value and respect it deserves. 

Our values are loyalty, honesty and being committed to supply quality products you will be happy with and proud to wear. 

Thanks for visiting

Vinny & Kate 


At ChampsUK we have been collecting boxing memorabilia for over 30 years the website was later developed in 2007. 

Over the years we have been instrumental in helping to put together boxing collections which have been hosted in private museums.  These museums have been visited by boxing legends such as Mike Tyson, Jake LaMotta, Marco Antonio Barrera, Ricky Hatton and many more. 

In commemoration of Muhammad Ali’s 65th birthday we were invited to take part in a television interview for Granada Reports (North West) where some of our items were showcased.  Along with this television experience we were also invited to showcase items on Channel 4 series “Four Rooms” although we declined this offer we have since been asked to value boxing items for that particular show.

Although we value all our customers and each one of our items of memorabilia is special to us some of our more rarer items have been purchased by elite sporting stars from all over the World and we feel proud that we have provided boxing memorabilia for these customers.

Vinny & Kate ChampsUK