End of An Era

As many of you will know boxing has been part of our lives for over 45 years, both participating and watching the sport. Because of the love we have with the sport and the collection of memorabilia we amassed over the years ChampsUK was born, initially as a hobby and sharing portal but then developed into something bigger.

Over the years we have met many wonderful people both inside and outside of the ring who share the same passion for the sport as ourselves, which we can say has truly enriched our lives.

2 years ago after retirement we made the decision to move to Scotland which is now our spiritual home.  Since moving here several life changing events have occurred which has made it difficult to proceed with the site.  It is with regret that as from today 20th June 2022 our customers will no longer be able to purchase any items from the site, which will eventually terminate January 2023.

Any items which are reserved will be sent out to our buyers once the payments have been processed as discussed. There is no urgency to pay for the items as previously agreed and they will be sent out via the usual methods once the transactions have completed.       

We would like to thank all our customers, some who have been with us from the start and new ones who we’ve recently met. For us it’s been a passion rather than a chore and we’ve enjoyed engaging with each and everyone of you.

We will continue to follow the sport and go to the events, but this time it will be as spectators and not chasing after someone with a sharpie in hand.

Good Luck, Good Health and Happiness to all of you

Keep Punching

Vinny & Kate